disclaimerA plaintiff who sustained back injuries in a motor vehicle accident recently settled his underinsured motorist lawsuit for $875,000. Plaintiff was injured in a rear-end hit accident in Trenton, NJ while a passenger in his employer’s work van. As a result of the accident, plaintiff sustained a two-level cervical disc herniation that required fusion surgery. While he was able to return to work as a painter, plaintiff still experiences pain and has limited mobility.

The insurance company for the driver of the offending vehicle tendered its full $15,000 insurance policy and plaintiff filed an underinsured motorist claim with the insurance carrier for his employer’s work vehicle. Plaintiff received an award of $835,000 at the non-binding UIM arbitration, which was subsequently rejected by the insurance carrier. Thereafter, plaintiff filed a lawsuit in NJ Superior Court that was removed to Federal District Court on the basis of diversity jurisdiction. The case settled after discovery in the federal court matter.