1.9 Million Settlement in Saddle Brook, NJ Auto Accident Lawsuit Involving Death Of Infant

The occupants of an automobile and the estate of a deceased infant recently settled an automobile accident lawsuit for $1.9 million. Their car became stopped in the right center lane of Route 80 in Saddle Brook, NJ after it lost a tire. The occupants of the car were nervous about leaving the automobile and crossing the lanes of traffic as a six-week-old baby was on board. Moments later, their car was rear ended and then hit by another car in an adjacent traffic lane. The occupants of the automobile sustained injuries including herniated discs and a broken hip. The baby was […]

Essex County, NJ Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settles For $7 Million

A $7 million settlement was recently reached in an Essex County lawsuit alleging birth injuries that lead to cerebral palsy in a child. During childbirth, the attending obstetrician at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ attempted to turn the baby utilizing a procedure known as version but, at some point, the uterus ruptured and the placenta was damaged. As a result, the child lost oxygen and sustained a brain injury that resulted in cerebral palsy. The child now requires around the clock medical attention and faces a shortened life expectancy. It was alleged in the lawsuit that the […]

Bergen County Automobile Collision Lawsuit Settles For $4.8 Million

A plaintiff who suffered severe back injuries in an automobile accident in Paramus, NJ recently settled her case for $4.8 million. On August 9, 2012, plaintiff was stopped in traffic on Route 4 West, near the intersection of Route 17, when she was struck from behind by a truck driven by an employee of Able Mechanical, Inc. of Red Bank, NJ. As a result of the impact, plaintiff sustained multiple herniated discs in her spine which required three cervical fusion surgeries. Her resulting neck condition prevented her return to work as a nurse and requires that she wear a soft […]

$950,000 Settlement In Monmouth County, New Jersey Rear End Crash Lawsuit

A seriously injured plaintiff recently accepted $950,000 to settle a personal injury lawsuit arising from a motor vehicle accident in Sayreville, NJ. While stopped in traffic on the Garden State Parkway, plaintiff’s car was struck from behind. Injuries included displacement of a portion of plaintiff’s lumbar spine, which required multiple procedures and eventually fusion surgery with internal fixation. Plaintiff’s initial lawsuit against the negligent driver settled for $260,000. The remainder of the recovery came from plaintiff’s first-party underinsured motorist suit against his own insurance company, which settled for $950,000, less the $260,000 received from the negligent driver’s insurer.

$1.1 Million Verdict in Middlesex County, NJ Truck Accident Lawsuit

A passenger in a car hit by a tractor trailer was recently awarded $1.1 million by a jury in New Brunswick, NJ. The plaintiff was injured when the car she was riding in became lodged underneath a tractor trailer at an intersection in Edison, NJ. The tractor trailer was attempting to make a turn in the same direction as the car, but did not see the car and turned directly into it. As the truck turned into the car, it mounted the car and crushed the roof and windows. The plaintiff sustained herniated discs requiring a spinal fusion surgery, in […]

Personal Injury Lawsuit Regarding Saddle Brook, NJ Motor Vehicle Accident Settles For $1.035 Million

A woman injured in an automobile accident in Saddle Brook, NJ recently settled her personal injury case against the driver of the offending vehicle and the vehicle’s owner for $1.035 million. The plaintiff was a passenger in a car traveling on the Garden State Parkway in 2010, when the car was hit by a commercial vehicle that lost control after hitting a large water puddle on the roadway. Plaintiff sustained serious injuries in her neck and back that required both cervical and lumbar spinal fusions. She now walks with the assistance of a walker, has pain in her shoulder, back […]

Lawsuit Alleging House Fire Caused By Defective Household Appliance Settles For $8.7 Million

A Monmouth County, NJ lawsuit involving an allegedly defective dishwasher recently settled for $8.7 million. The suit alleged that a defectively designed and improperly maintained Maytag brand dishwasher caused a house fire that killed one man, and caused another man, his father, to suffer severe emotional distress when he witnessed his son’s smoking and burning body being pulled from the house. The son suffered burns over half of his body, pulmonary damages from smoke inhalation and physical disfigurement, and lived almost 3 years after the accident before passing due to compilations from the injuries. The father was diagnosed with pulmonary […]

Wrongful Death Highway Accident Lawsuit in Bergen County Settles For $1.47 Million

A Bergen County wrongful death action involving a multi-vehicle accident on the NJ Turnpike recently settled for $1.47 million. The accident was caused when a truck towing a commercial trailer lost a pair of tandem rear wheels, which struck a car in the adjacent lane. The car struck by the wheels of the truck stopped in roadway and was hit by a second car, whose driver exited the vehicle. The driver of the second car was then was struck and killed by a third car. The estate of the decedent sued a number of parties involved in the accident, including […]

$3.5 Million Settlement in Bergen County, NJ Brain Injury Lawsuit

A furniture store salesman who sustained a traumatic brain injury at work recently settled his case for $3.5 million. The plaintiff had been attempting to determine why the electronic garage door at company’s facility would not close. When he climbed onto a step stool to take a closer look, the garage door came crashing down and knocked him onto the concrete floor. The plaintiff sustained a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury, among other serious injuries. At trial, the only defendant remaining was the company that had repaired the garage door on several occasions. It was revealed during discovery that […]

NJ Appeals Court Relaxes Affidavit Of Merit Rule In Professional Malpractices Cases

In the recently published opinion, Hill International v. Atlantic City Board of Education, a NJ appeals court afforded plaintiffs some leeway in professional malpractice cases. In NJ professional malpractice cases, an affidavit of merit from a “like licensed” professional must be served on the defendant within 60 days after filing a complaint. The affidavit must attest that the defendant’s acts or omissions fell below the standards for their profession. In Hill, the appeals court dealt with a situation where an architect was sued, among other defendants, but an affidavit of merit from a professional engineer was served on defendants. In […]