Bergen County Workplace Accident Lawsuit Yields $7 Million Settlement

A plaintiff who was paralyzed after a workplace scaffolding accident recently settled his personal injury lawsuit for $7 million. Plaintiff had been working on a structure at a private residence when the scaffolding plank he was standing on broke. Plaintiff suffered a broken back in the fall and was left permanently paralyzed from the waist down. It was alleged by Plaintiff that the general contractor should have been on site and that the scaffolding was located where Plaintiff had to work. The defense claimed that plaintiff either built the scaffold himself or used it without permission. The case settled on […]

Morris County Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against NJDOT Settles for $2.5 Million

The estate of a man who was killed when an automobile crossed the median on Route 80 and struck his car recently settled their wrongful death suit against the NJ Department of Transportation for $2.5 million. In 2008, the decedent was driving on Route 80 eastbound when his car was struck by a vehicle that had been involved in a multi-car accident on the opposite side of the roadway and crossed over a large grass median at a high rate of speed. According to plaintiff’s lawyer, the DOT had identified this area as the third most dangerous site in NJ for crossover accidents […]

Homeowner Injured While Inspecting Work on his Bergen County Home Settles Negligence Lawsuit for $2 Million

A plaintiff who sustained head and back injuries while inspecting the construction of an addition to his home recently settled with three defendant contractors for a total of $2 million. Plaintiff was inspecting his Upper Saddle River, NJ home after construction of an addition had begun when he stepped on a piece of plywood covering an open shaft. The resulting fall caused plaintiff to suffer a lumbar compression fracture requiring fusion surgery and a later revision procedure. Plaintiff also sustained a concussion and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The lawsuit named all contractors performing work at the site who […]

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against Stop & Shop Supermarket Settles for $950,000

A plaintiff who sustained back injuries after slipping on food and debris at a Stop & Shop supermarket recently settled her personal injury lawsuit for $950,000. Plaintiff was on the check out line at the Shop & Stop supermarket in Somerville, NJ when she slipped and fell. Immediately after the fall, she noticed the crushed grape she had slipped on, in addition to debris and other material on the floor. Plaintiff suffered a back injury requiring epidural injections, a nerve block and two surgeries. As a result of the accident, plaintiff was forced to give up her job as a […]

Plaintiff Awarded $872,000 Verdict in Bergen County, NJ Slip and Fall Lawsuit

A plaintiff injured in a slip and fall accident at her Hasbrouck Heights apartment building was recently awarded $872,000 by a Bergen County jury. Plaintiff slipped on a mat located on the bottom step of the staircase at her apartment building. As a result of the fall, she sustained a herniated lumbar disc requiring multiple epidural injections and two surgical procedures. At the time of the accident, plaintiff was an unemployed secretary looking for work, but is now unable to resume work. Plaintiff sued the owner of the building, who alleged that plaintiff sustained only soft tissue injuries in the […]

Premises Liability Lawsuit in Somerset County, NJ Settles for $390,000

A plaintiff who sustained back injuries in a Somerville, NJ slip and fall recently settled her premises liability lawsuit for $390,000. Plaintiff slipped on loose gravel at her apartment complex and sustained disc injuries in her back. She treated conservatively for the injuries for over two years, but later required a discectomy and fusion surgery. She continues to experience pain and discomfort. The settlement with the self-insured owner of the allegedly negligently maintained apartment complex was achieved prior to trial, and after a settlement conference with the court.

Passaic County Automobile Accident Lawsuit Settles For $475,000

A plaintiff whose car was hit by an allegedly negligent motorist in Totowa, NJ recently settled her New Jersey personal injury lawsuit for $475,000. Plaintiff was driving on Union Boulevard, near the intersection with Coolidge Avenue, when a car coming the other way attempted to make a turn and hit her from the side. While plaintiff’s automobile sustained only minimal property damage, plaintiff suffered a two-level disc herniation and annular tear which ultimately required fusion surgery and installation of surgical hardware in her spine. Plaintiff settled with the offending driver for $475,000 of a $500,000 insurance policy shortly after the conclusion […]

Injured UPS Employee Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Port Authority for $1.23 Million

A former UPS employee who was injured in the course of employment at Newark Liberty Airport recently settled her personal injury lawsuit for $1.23 million. Plaintiff was the signaler for the operator of a aircraft cargo loading machine. Because it was cold outside, Plaintiff was standing behind the loading machine’s exhaust. When the operator moved the loading machine, Plaintiff was dragged underneath and her leg was crushed. Due to the severity of the injury, Plaintiff’s leg had to be amputated. In the lawsuit, it was alleged that the Port Authority knew of the dangers associated with the operation of loading […]

Monmouth County Plaintiff Hit By Commercial Vehicle While Crossing Street Settles Injury Lawsuit For $2 Million

An injured pedestrian recently settled his Monmouth County personal injury lawsuit for $2 million. The plaintiff was injured when he was struck by a vehicle while crossing Route 9 in Howell, NJ. Plaintiff, a pedestrian, had the green light and was in the cross walk when he was struck by a turning motor vehicle driven by an employee of Utz Quality Foods. Plaintiff sustained a fractured pelvis which required internal fixation surgery, in addition to multiple spinal fractures and other complications. Plaintiff also sustained a head injury and suffered from cognitive impairment after the accident. Plaintiff sued the driver of […]

$6 Million Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Alleging Failure to Diagnose Fetal Brain Condition

The family of a child who was born with a congenital brain defect recently settled their New Jersey medical malpractice lawsuit for $6 million. At 19 weeks, an ultrasound revealed that the fetus’ hands were clenched tightly – a sign of a possible abnormality. An amniocentesis was conducted the same day and was reported as normal. Plaintiffs alleged in the lawsuit that the applicable standard of care required additional testing, including a fetal MRI, but the attending doctor negligently concluded the inquiry after the amniocentesis. The child was later born with a brain condition known as Dandy Walker Variant. The […]