Passaic County, NJ Dog Attack Lawsuit Settles for $280,000

A plaintiff who was injured in a fall while fleeing an attacking dog settled her personal injury lawsuit against the dog’s owners for $280,000. While walking past the house where the dog was kept, on the way to her son’s house, plaintiff was charged by the unleashed barking dog. The dog’s owners exited the house, restrained the dog and returned it to the backyard. Later that day, on the way home from her son’s house, plaintiff had to again walk past the dog’s house. The dog, still unleashed and outside, charged plaintiff in an attacking posture. Plaintiff attempted to flee, […]

$965,000 Settlement in Union County, NJ Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The estate of a woman who was killed in an automobile accident recently settled its claims against a negligent driver and bar for a total of $965,000. The decedent, 19, had been drinking at the bar with an acquaintance. After leaving the bar, while driving, the acquaintance’s car left Route 22 in Watchung and hit an embankment. The car burst into flames and the decedent, the only passenger in the vehicle, was killed. Defendants sued in the case included the negligent driver, whose blood alcohol was twice the legal limit at the time of the accident, in addition to the bar […]

NJ Federal District Court Underinsured Motorist Lawsuit Settles for $875,000

A plaintiff who sustained back injuries in a motor vehicle accident recently settled his underinsured motorist lawsuit for $875,000. Plaintiff was injured in a rear-end hit accident in Trenton, NJ while a passenger in his employer’s work van. As a result of the accident, plaintiff sustained a two-level cervical disc herniation that required fusion surgery. While he was able to return to work as a painter, plaintiff still experiences pain and has limited mobility.

The insurance company for the driver of the offending vehicle tendered its full $15,000 insurance policy and plaintiff filed an underinsured motorist claim with the insurance carrier […]

Ocean County Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit Results in $610,000 Settlement

A plaintiff recently accepted $610,000 to settled his Ocean County personal injury action. At the time of the accident, plaintiff was the driver of an armored car and was making a pickup at a restaurant in New Brunswick. While carrying bags of money out the back door of the establishment, he slipped and fell on a slippery substance that was covered by empty boxes. As a result of the fall, plaintiff suffered a herniated disc and a torn rotator cuff and was forced to undergo a cervical fusion and rotator cuff surgery. Plaintiff was unable to return to work after […]

$1.2 Million Settlement in Camden County Rear-End Crash Lawsuit

The estate of a deceased motorist recently accepted $1.2 million to settle a Camden County, NJ wrongful death lawsuit. The motorist was traveling on Route 73 in Pennsauken when he was struck from behind by a commercial box truck and propelled into a nearby tractor trailer. The defense claimed that the decedent negligently changed lanes and cut off the box truck, and also had drugs in his system which impaired his ability to drive safely. The estate argued that the the box truck was traveling at an excessive rate of speed, that the decedent’s level of intoxication was low and […]

Middlesex County Bar Injury Lawsuit Settles for $850,000

A plaintiff who was injured while being restrained by workers at a Woodbridge bar recently settled his NJ personal injury lawsuit for $850,000. It was alleged that bouncers at the bar improperly restrained plaintiff as he attempted to leave the establishment and, in doing so, caused plaintiff to sustain multiple injuries requiring a total hip replacement, shoulder surgery and pain management for spinal injuries. The bar claimed that plaintiff was visibly intoxicated and appeared to pose a safety threat to himself or others when attempting to leave the bar. The case settled shortly before jury selection.

Automobile Accident Claim Involving Head On Crash Settles For $425,000

A pair of claimants recently settled personal injury claims arising from a head on auto crash for a total of $425,000. The pair were traveling together on Route 23 in Hardyston when the offending vehicle crossed the center line and hit their car. As a result of the accident, one claimant was hospitalized for nearly a month, having suffered respiratory failure, traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures and a host of other injuries. The other claimant sustained a broken forearm and multiple lacerations. The matter settled during mediation prior to formal litigation.

$2.5 Million Settlement in Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit Against NJ Department of Transportation

A plaintiff who was injured while riding his motorcycle on an allegedly defective stretch of highway in West Milford, NJ recently settled his personal injury lawsuit against the NJ Department of Transportation for $2.5 million. The plaintiff motorcyclist was attempting to negotiate a right curve on the roadway when he lost control of his motorcycle, skidded and struck the left side guardrail. As a result of the accident, plaintiff’s left left had to be amputated. He is now totally disabled and unable to return to work as a postal worker. According to plaintiff, the portion of Route 23 where the accident […]

Monmouth County Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settles for $525,000

A plaintiff who sustained a broken arm in a slip and fall accident settled her Monmouth Superior Court personal injury lawsuit for $525,000. Plaintiff was injured when she slipped and fell while attempting to pick up her child up from a party at the defendant’s house. Plaintiff broke both bones in her forearm, requiring insertion of plates and screws, as well as a second procedure involving partial removal of a bone. An expert witness / engineer retained by plaintiff claimed that the walkway where she slipped had been improperly constructed by defendant and was improperly lit. The case settled prior to trial […]