The Discovery Period in Personal Injury Cases

While no two personal injury cases are factually alike, every personal injury lawsuit filed in New Jersey Superior Court court proceeds according to the same rules of civil procedure. In these cases, after a defendant files an Answer to a plaintiff’s Complaint, the timeframe called the “discovery period” begins. The discovery period is the longest-running portion of a personal injury lawsuit, where the parties gather and exchange information relating to the case.

Discovery Period Overview

the discovery process in personal injury casesDuring this phase of your case, both sides seek information from each other. This allows you […]

What Is My Injury Case Worth In New Jersey

whats-my-injury-claim-worthOne of the most common questions asked by personal injury clients is: “what is my case worth?” When you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s only natural to worry about how you’re going to pay for your medical treatment, cover your living expenses, pay bills, and whether you’ll be able to enjoy life the way you did before the accident. This creates an understandable sense of urgency and the desire to know how much compensation you might recover in a personal injury lawsuit.

While this inquiry is perfectly reasonable, it is not always easy to answer with accuracy right after an […]

Statute of Limitations in NJ Personal Injury Cases

What is the Statute of Limitations?

statute of limitations njThe law limits the time in which you may file a lawsuit for personal injury.  These “deadlines” for filing lawsuits are called Statutes of Limitations.  In most New Jersey personal injury matters, the time in which you may file a lawsuit begins to run on the date that an injury accrues.  Frequently, an injury is considered to have accrued on the date that the accident takes place.

New Jersey’s 2-Year Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

In New Jersey, personal injury lawsuits typically must be filed within 2 years of […]

Common Work-Related Injuries and Compensation in New Jersey

work injuries and compensationBeing injured at work is a stressful and disruptive experience. In New Jersey, no matter what industry you work in, the possibility of a work injury exists. The following data examines work-related injury statistics in the state of New Jersey and throughout the United States.

New Jersey Work-Related Fatalities

The New Jersey Department of Health has reported that the industries with the highest number of fatalities in New Jersey in 2012 were administrative and waste service at 16%, construction at 15%, warehousing and transportation at 15% and retail trade at 12%.

New […]

Common Car Accident Injuries

common car accident injuriesPeople who have been injured in a car accident face a wide range of issues and challenges, from minor to life-altering. Even for those fortunate enough to experience negligible injuries, this frightening experience often has an emotional impact that takes its toll. Unfortunately, serious injuries are far too frequent in the event of an automobile accident. Motor vehicles are large, powerful pieces of machinery with the ability to cause a great deal of damage.

More than 2 million people are injured in automobile and road crashes in the U.S. every […]

What No-Fault Insurance Covers in New Jersey

If you are injured in a car accident in New Jersey, you may be eligible for no-fault insurance coverage for medical treatment, lost wages and other damages provided by applicable Personal Injury Protection insurance.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

pip insurance njOn a basic level, PIP is no-fault insurance coverage for medical treatment that is provided under your own automobile insurance policy. This means that, subject to your coverage limits, PIP will cover all or a portion of your medical expenses if you are injured in a car accident, no matter who is at fault or responsible […]

What to Do After a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey, you should take certain actions at the scene and in the days, weeks and possibly months after after the accident to ensure you will be able to receive all the protections allowed under the law in the event of injury.

What To Do At the Scene

What to do after a car accidentCheck for injuries to yourself and others and call 911 to report the accident. Stay at the scene until the police arrive, unless you need to be transported by emergency vehicle to […]

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

do I need an injury lawyerIn the aftermath of a serious accident, when you’re physically and mentally exhausted, it can be easy to believe an insurance company claim representative when they promise they will get you the full amount of compensation for your injuries. However, insurance companies don’t always have your best interests in mind, and none are in the business of aggressively advocating for injured persons. There are a number of reasons why proceeding on a personal injury claim without a lawyer can be a mistake, and can leave you without sufficient compensation for injuries, […]

Reasons Why Your New Jersey Car Insurance Claim Could Have Been Denied

Rejected Insurance ClaimThe New Jersey Automobile Reparations Reform Act, also known as the No-Fault Act, requires that all standard automobile insurance policies issued in NJ contain Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. PIP benefits provide the named insured, resident members of the named insured’s household and occupants of the insured vehicle coverage for medical treatment, income continuation and essential services following an accident. Death benefits and funeral benefits are also available. PIP is “no-fault” insurance, meaning that qualifying beneficiaries receive benefits regardless of their potential culpability or fault in causing an accident. However, just because PIP is no-fault […]

Car Accident Settlements in New Jersey

car accident settlementsPersonal injury claims resulting from car accidents are some of the most common types of claims in New Jersey. There is, however, no common settlement or verdict in these cases. Compensation depends upon a number of different factors, including the specific circumstances of the accident, the types of injuries and medical care required, the permanent impact the injuries have on the lives of the victims and the insurance coverage of those involved.

The following are some recent New Jersey car accident personal injury settlements and awards:

  • Morris County, NJ – September 2014, $225K settlement […]